Founded in 2004 by Pablo Martínez & Carolina Aguerrevere, Hot
Chocolate Design emerges into the Venezuelan market as a local fresh
and innovative accessories brand, based on the consumers’ need of
fleeing away from the uniformity and creative rigidity provided by mass
produced brands.

We define HCD as a design brand which occasionally blends with art as
the concept, design and fabrication of each item we produce – shoes,
bathing suits, purses, bags, home products, among others – is intended
to reflect the individuality of each item. Betting on our customer’s need
for originality, we offer limited collections and our retired products have
become collector’s items for many of our fans.

The inspiration behind HCD comes mainly from our own lifestyle; our
passion for collecting vintage items and certain nostalgia for all of the
things that made us feel happy and comfortable when we were young.
In our design brainstorms, we draw from items, colors, textures and
patterns that we treasured in our infancy as well as our yearning to
come across them again in our adult lives, transformed as Hot
Chocolate Design ® one of a kind accessories.

Our current brands are formed by our main line Hot Chocolate
Design®, accompanied by its dead twin and dark side, Dark Chocolate
Design®. Welcome zombies, gothic Lolitas, the living dead, ghosts and
spectrums with naughty thoughts.

Posted: Sat 02 Aug 2014