Covid 19 NZ 4 Week lockdown

As a result of the Covid-19 Alert 4 lockdown in New Zealand we have suspended all delivery services inline with NZ Government requirements for the mandatory 4 weeks . Orders are welcome but will be dispatched once the lockdown has been lifted and freight can be dispatched as normal. Stay safe, be kind, Stay home!

And there it is folks, if you haven't already, GO HOME, STAY HOME!
While Ella and I can work in isolation in the North and South Island stores unless we receive another directive we will be holding over all orders received over the 4 week lock down and shipping them out once we reopen. We feel it is the right thing to do to keep our fabulous couriers a little safer and free to deliver essential services only.
We do sincerely appreciate ANY orders placed over the lock down as every little bit helps a small business stay afloat.
Follow our Facebook and Instagram pages where we will be posting funny memes, cool as product info like our current sale (watch this space) and checking in with our 19 Black team and what they are up to in their bubble!
Stay safe, be kind and stay home!

Posted: Thu 26 Mar 2020