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  • LOLA RAMONA Elsie Devotion Suede Polka Yellow Boot
    Get it or regret it! Elsie Devotion with warm lining and the removable bow. You know the drill.

    Elsie is such a popular style. The height of the heel appeals to everybody, you can walk for miles without sore feet. The fit is standard. The outsole is soft and the extra foam in the footbed makes it an all time favourite.
  • LOLA RAMONA Peggy Warm Pink Lace Up
    A true extrovert personality, such as yours, totally deserves Peggy Warm from Lola Ramona. The little pink details just makes it soooo cute.

    Peggy has the lightweight rubber sole which is so known and loved in the winter. You have the comfort and space for the the more heavy socks, a very soft footbed and great fitting.

Vintage, Pinup and Rockabilly Styled Clothing, Footwear and Accessories.