Zombie Black Flamingos 1 Pair Gift Boxed

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Zombie Black Flamingos 1 Pair Gift Boxed
Pair of zombie flamingos:

Released just this year and ready for Halloween, we are excited to present the zombie flamingos. As the story goes, a sickly zombie pigeon flew into the warehouse in America and bit one of the original Featherstone pink flamingo’s. What morphed from that will chill you to the bone. Pick up a pair of these limited edition flesh-eating feathered fiends.

Using the original molds and a bit of creativity, the zombie flamingos were created. These still have the 'Don Featherstone' signature.

Buy a pair, or buy a flock….if you dare!

Material – Flamingos are made of plastic. Legs are non rusting metal.

Dimensions (approx) -

Head up flamingo Height: 86 cm, including legs.

Actual bird size, without legs: 33 cm long. 12.7 cm high at body, 35 cm high at neck/head

Neck down flamingo: Height: 61 cm, including legs

Actual bird size, without legs: 43 cm long. 12.7 high at body, 20 cm
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set of 2
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