DAISY JEAN FLORAL Cereal For Breakfast Necklace

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DAISY JEAN FLORAL Cereal For Breakfast Necklace
Do you have a sweet tooth? Are you an ice cream lover, milkshake enthusiast or cereal connoisseur? If you are then this is the collection for you! Designed in collaboration with Australian brand Sarsparilly to match their new Sugar Rush collection, this collection is perfect for any sweet loving foodie!

The Cereal for Dinner necklace is the perfect bold statement piece for any cereal lover! Featuring the cutest splash of milk and mixed colour cereal bites, in a yellow bowl with a silver spoon! Made from heavy duty chain.

Designed in house, laser cut and assembled here in Australia!

Size (from highest to widest point) : 7.8cm H / 7.6cm W
NZ$ 60.00
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